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Follow us on Instagram @nomadictheatre for more upcoming opportunities. 

Each year, we produce three mainstage productions. These productions are led by a student directing staff (Director, Producer, Stage Manager, and Tech Director) and are supported by a production staff of student designers. Nomadic holds auditions with all of the Georgetown theatre groups each season and hosts an interest meeting for each show for those who want to pursue production staff positions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

In addition to our mainstage shows, we also produce about two Square Pegs productions a year. Square Pegs are low time commitment theatre designed to create more opportunities for involvement. Past Square Pegs have included staged readings, one acts, a student-written musical,
and a completely freshmen-led production. 

Square Pegs and Production Staffs


Auditions for our three mainstage productions occur in the fall, winter, and spring of each school year, alongside other co-curricular and departmental auditions.

Auditions for our spring show have concluded, but follow us on Instagram (@nomadictheatre) to stay up to date on new opportunities that come up this semester!

tech/Production staff

Each show we produce is supported by completely student-run production staff, including lead designers, build crew, run crew, and many assistant positions.


Interest meetings are held just after auditions for each mainstage production, and lead designer hiring for the following season occurs in the spring of each year.

square pegs

Have an idea for low-time commitment theatre? Let us know!


Square Pegs productions are lower tech, lower time commitment opportunities that are entirely based on community and membership interest.

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