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Technical Director
Leyland Reilly


School/Year: SFS '20
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Hometown: Wayne, PA

Leyland is a human being who fell asleep beside his wife with his kids downstairs in 1896 and woke up to find himself in the body of a college student in 2016. He’s glad this theatre thing is still around, as he’s not much into the talkies. He has carved out a nice little niche for himself, having served as the Technical Director on 3 shows. His time here has been an absolute ricochet, and he is excited to serve as the Board Technical Director this year. 

Business Manager
Chris Phillips


School/Year: MSB '20
Majors: Finance; Management, Leadership & Innovation
Minor: Theater and Performance Studies (TPST)
Hometown: Malvern, PA

Chris is somewhat unsure how he conned his way into being given the power of the purse, but he pledges to serve faithfully as chancellor of the exchequer for the upcoming year. He can most often be found in alternating Corp coffee locations (depending on the day of the week), trudging around the MSB, or trapped within the Village C complex that has continually wedged itself into his life on this campus, like an angry hydra that can never quite be killed. He has worked on five Nomadic shows, starting with The Phantom Tollbooth, and has played such various and sundry roles as a demon, another demon (this time dressed like he was in Thriller), and turn-of-the-century psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Occasionally he is also entrusted with complete control over light and dark in theatre spaces, which is usually a mistake for all involved. Cristin insists he isn't old yet, but he's not so sure.

Publicity Director
Erin Byrne


School/Year: SFS '20
Major: Regional and Comparative Studies (RCST)
Minor: Russian
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Erin is simply tickled pink to have the opportunity to serve Nomadic as Publicity Director this year. When she isn't in VCT she can be found in the depths of the ICC scrambling to conjugate Russian verbs or trying very hard yet ultimately failing to play the accordion in her room. She is overjoyed to represent the Midwest on Board 38 and is here to answer any questions you may have related to toasted ravioli, the St. Louis Cardinals, or how to spend five minutes telling the other person at a four-way stop "no you go first." She has worked on four Nomadic productions and has played roles ranging from Lisa Simpson, to demon-fighting dark elf (where she got to kill fellow board member Chris P. multiple times with a stick!), and Publicity Director dancing in a child-sized bear suit throughout Red Square.

Social Engagement Coordinator
Ashanee Kottage


School/Year: SFS '22
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ashanee is incredibly excited to serve as the second ever Social Engagement Coordinator for nomadictheatre. When she isn't doing theatre she is dancing and when she isn't dancing she is pretending to enjoy academic things like reading and writing and editing as much as she enjoys performing. She has worked on two Nomadic shows, on one as a hyper-emotional wife who leaves her husband to bake extensive amounts of bread (#GetThatBread) and on the second as a hyper-emotional assistant director. She is from Colombo, Sri Lanka and, yes, it is as cool as it sounds to live on a paradise island, it is summer all year round, food is spicy only if you want it to be but consistently flavorful, and it is a 22-hour flight away (less cool). Also, her last name is not pronounced Cottage it is Kot-ta-gay. She repeats, not Cottage.


Executive Board

Board 38, 2019-2020


School/Year: MSB '20
Majors: Finance; Management, Leadership & Innovation
Minor: Theatre and Performance Studies (TPST)
Hometown: Garden City, NY

Cristin is really really excited to serve as Nomadic's Executive Producer. Cristin's first show at Georgetown was Nomadic's 2016-2017 winter show The Phantom Tollbooth, and she's been a nomad ever since (and is always really really excited to be here). She acts a lot, sometimes sings and dances, had a one-year stint as the Business Manager of Board 37, and has also occasionally (twice) produced Nomadic's fall show. Basically all you need to know about her is that she's from Long Island, so she constantly complains about DC bagels, often surprises people with the fact that she's in the MSB, is happier than words can express about Season 38 (and that Nomadic is finally returning to its musical roots), and loves Chris, Leyland, Chris, Erin, and Ashanee a lot. 

Cristin Crowley
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Christopher Warren


School/Year: COL '20
Majors: Classical Studies and Theatre and Performance Studies
Hometown: South Pasadena, CA (where they filmed that one scene at the coffee place in Lady Bird)

Chris Warren doesn't quite know how his jpeg ended up on this site and has sent multiple sternly-worded emails asking for it to be removed. We at nomadictheatre stand by our decision to employ his likeness however we please and won't yield to empty threats. He promises to delay legal action so long as we include this quote: "I started acting with nomadic two years ago, and in the time since I have grown to love the people who make the type of fantastic and wonderfully collaborative art come to life. That is why I feel so betrayed by you for posting my likeness without my express permis." [Character Limit Exceeded]