Technical Director
Raphy Hupez


School/Year: SFS '21
Major: International Economics

Minors: Italian, French
Hometown: Washington, DC

Raphy is incredibly happy to serve as Technical Director for Nomadic Theatre's 2020-21 season. She joined Nomadic her freshman fall as ATD and has been a proud nomad ever since. She has since gone on to serve on three directing staffs: once as technical director and twice as producer. She can usually be found either in VCT or in the scene shop chopping, painting, gluing, stapling, and screwing together sets. When she is not busy building sets, she can be found running around in WBA staffing Model UN conferences, or ushering speaker events with the Lecture Fund. She is incredibly excited to see what amazing things season 39 will accomplish!

Business Manager
Martha Winslow


School/Year: COL '21
Major: Theater and Performance Studies
Minor: Sociology
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Martha could not be more excited to serve as Nomadic's Business Manager this year. She is planning to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor, Chris, by channeling her inner vampire whenever necessary. Starting with Exit, Pursued by a Bear in Fall 2017, she has participated in every Nomadic show since her freshman year, except for the ones that happened while she was abroad this past fall (please, please ask her about living in Copenhagen. She really wants to talk about it, and if you don't ask she will find a way to bring it up anyway). She has served as everything from Producer to Stage Manager to Props Designer, but her true passion lies with competing for first place in the Tech Game of Life. When she's not busy counting money she can be found working at the DPAC costume shop, doing yoga, pretending to study on Lau 2, or talking about how much she misses Whataburger and Torchy's Tacos. Yee, and I cannot stress this enough, haw. 

Publicity Director
Sydney Cook


School/Year: COL '23
Major: Biology of Global Health
Minors: Statistics, Pre-med
Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Sydney is beyond excited to serve as Nomadic’s Publicity Director this year! When she isn’t in rehearsal or bothering people with “WAIT I need a pic of this for the Nomadic insta,” she can be found furiously math-ing away on the upper floors of Lau or mixing various such chemicals in a lab in Regents, because that is just the life of a STEM student. She also loves exploring new places to eat in Georgetown and window-shopping on M street (and is always looking for people to venture off campus with!). In her short time at Georgeotwn so far, she has worked with Nomadic on one main stage production as assistant publicity director and acted in a Square Pegs, and she can’t wait to get even more involved this coming year! And because she simply cannot help herself, follow @nomadictheatre on insta!

Social engagement coordinator
Lily Brown


School/Year: SFS '23
Major: STIA (Science, Technology, & International Affairs)
Minor: Psychology or French or Pre-med!
Hometown: Newton, MA

Lily is honored to be your Social Engagement Coordinator for this season! A little clumsy and discombobulated, Lily can usually be found wandering campus in search of her lost phone or keys. When she is not running late, Lily is usually doing homework late night at Lau, watching a hockey game (GO BRUINS), or designing costumes for a student theatre production. She runs on iced tea and conversations with friends, family, and really anyone who will listen. Like Liz, Lily loves to organize and is very detail oriented. Especially in the virtual year, Lily is searching for feedback and constructive ideas from anyone, and everyone, on her job performance and always encourages members, old and new, to reach out!

Executive Board

Board 39, 2020-2021


School/Year: COL '21
Majors: Sociology; Psychology
Hometown: Washington Depot, CT (aka Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls)

Liz O'Hazo is ecstatic to be serving as Executive Producer of Nomadic during her senior year. She has been a nomad ever since her freshman fall in 2017, when she stage managed a student written musical, Death by Piano. She has worked behind the scenes on five nomadic shows since then, three of which on team stage management. Clearly she loves color coded spreadsheets, calendars, and keeping a chaotic theater space beautifully organized. Other than her most frequented location, Village C Theater, Liz can be found scouring DC for the best gluten free pizza (it's still &pizza) or studying in coffee shops. She is so proud to be working with an all-star executive board this year, and to have the privilege of producing an innovative and exciting Season 39!

Liz O'Hazo
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Kate Clark


School/Year: COL '21
Major: Theater and Performance Studies
Hometown: Rye, NY

Kate is just happy to be here, serving as Nomadic’s Associate Producer. She doesn’t quite know which wrong turn led her here but she sure is excited about where she’s ended up (this is an ihop, right?) When not dabbing, she can be found in bed or standing perfectly still trying to remember why she has entered this existence. She has acted, directed, and cackled in co-curricular theater ever since freshman year. She loves being useful, coffee, and making absolutely batsh*t theater with her friends and family in Nomadic.



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