Executive Producer
Joseph Ravago


School/Year: COL ’23

Majors: African American Studies, Anthropology

Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Joseph is super excited to work with the rest of Board 41 to bring you this season of theatre! Beginning with his work on Dear Elizabeth (rip the Bus Stop) to his work last year as Board 40's Social Engagement Coordinator, the last few years of theatre have been encapsulated by all things nomadic. Outside of theatre - he exists and you may perceive him. Here's to a great year! 

Also,,, Hugh Jackman voices Memphis in Happy Feet

Associate Producer
Caitlin Frazier


School/Year: COL ’23
Major: English

Minor: Theatre and Performance Studies
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Caitlin is incredibly excited to serve as the Associate Producer this season! She started working with Nomadic over zoom and therefore has taken any opportunity to be on an actual stage since. Caitlin only exists inside DPAC, so she cannot be seen outside of theater. Nomadic has given her a lot to love, and she is excited to give some of that love back to the club for her final year at Georgetown. She is excited to work with a board full of amazing theater-makers committed to a season of love, community, safety, and fun.

Caitlin_Fraizer-32 - Caitlin Frazier.jpeg
Technical Director
Abby Hames


School/Year: COL ’24
Major: Neurobiology

Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN


Abby is ecstatic to serve as this season’s Technical Director! She has worn many hats for nomadictheatre, from assistant stage manager to lights/sound/animations operator, to “zoom wizard” (pray this role never returns), and is thrilled to be the show technical director for season 41’s spring play. Outside of theatre, you can find her messing with brain cells in her research lab, watching a sunrise on Lau 5 after a night of caffeine and chemistry homework, or speeding through campus in an ambulance as an EMT for Georgetown emergency response medical service (GERMS). Abby is delighted to be working with such a phenomenal crew of people and can’t wait to see what magic season 41 brings!

nomadic website pic - Abby Hames.heic
Business Manager
Jake Teall


School/Year: COL ’23

Major: Theatre and Performance Studies

Minors: Film and Media Studies, Business Administration
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Jake is stoked to serve as this year's Business Manager. He is an actor, filmmaker, singer, Mover, and, most importantly, (minor) MSBro. Having recently played a prostitute and a white supremacist in nomadic productions, he is excited to see how else he can serve the club, such as submitting last-minute PAAC requests and mansplaining Excel formulas. He cannot wait to see what we do this season as a community with the power of live theatre.

IMG_9426 - Jake Teall.jpeg
Publicity Director
Daisy Steinthal


School/Year: SFS ’23
Major: Culture and Politics

Minors: Theology, Economics
Hometown: Rye, NY

Daisy is honored to serve as Nomadic's publicity director this season! She has been heavily involved in theatre since her freshman fall doing everything from assistant stage managing to lead producing to even performing (badly) in midnights and open mics. She loves the Georgetown theatre community so much, and she is so excited to give back to a group that has become her home on the hilltop. Outside of nomadic, you probably can still find her in VCT doing homework (what? who said that?). She hopes that season 41 can be a time of joy to celebrate and expand our amazing community!

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.51.37 PM - Daisy Steinthal.png
Social engagement coordinator
Cameren Evans


School/Year: COL ’24
Major: English, American Musical Culture 
Minor: Theater and Performance Studies
Hometown: Douglasville, GA

Cameren is excited to serve as board 41’s social engagement coordinator! She started with Georgetown theater during the zoom year in online productions and since then, you can probably always find her performing, preparing to perform in some capacity, or on the hunt for coffee. Above all else, though, Cameren loves theater’s intersectionality and can’t wait to dig into the social aspects of the upcoming season. While she is definitely involved in several different segments within the performing arts communities on campus, she has undoubtedly found a home in theater on campus theater and is hopeful for what this season has in store!

B31D0807-34FF-4E47-8DAD-F6C33F63D8BF - Cameren Evans.jpeg

Executive Board

Board 41, 2022-2023