George is a scholar of languages, his whole life devoted to preserving the dying tongues of distant cultures. This master linguist, however, increasingly finds himself unable to find the words to express the emotions in his own life. Though George understands the grammar of the human existence, he cannot seem to conjugate the verbs correctly -- his marriage is collapsing; his lab assistant is in love with him, and his most recent project is falling apart. As George's troubles collide, those around him face their own reckonings, trying to find out if letting go is really as terrible as it seems. 


A poetic work of sorrow, whimsy, and profound hope, The Language Archive is a poignant meditation on communication, language, loss, love, and bridging the gaps in between. 

Seph’s life is a balancing act of epic proportions. Half the year is spent with her mother, making plants grow and flowers bloom, while the other half is spent with her father, hunting game and cooking curry. But when Seph meets her first human friend, she discovers that her parents’ devolving relationship has far broader repercussions than she ever could have realized: in fact, it may shape the fate of the entire world. Against these daunting odds, Seph must embrace her own powers and attempt to set things right. 

Blending surreal visuals with a decaying, rustic world, this re-imagining of a classic myth embraces the nature of the in-between. Seph is ceaselessly earnest in its excavation and exploration of adolescence, loneliness, and separation – a coming-of-age tale that asks us to examine how we choose between the things (and the people) that we love.

Lucy is on a cross-county and cross-time mission, searching for a Big Love. 

As her journey of self-discovery traverses the American landscape from Maine to San Francisco, time and relationships pass by in warped instants. Her search also intertwines with that of a female astrophysicist-turned-serial killer, in whom Lucy sees her own strange messiah. 

This abstract comedy navigates state lines and human fault lines alike, charting the geography of the heart. Quake is one woman's hilarious, dreamlike journey to find herself amidst all the detritus and hangers-on she has gathered along the way.